Can CBD “Normalize” People at High Risk of Psychosis?

by Loren Devito, PhD Written by Loren Devito, PhD Unraveling the cannabis-psychosis paradox The medical cannabis legalization movement has faced some big challenges in the past few years from prohibitionists claiming that the plant is unsafe. While cannabis consumption has never resulted in death, there is a significant amount of concerns that adolescents who use cannabis are […]

Terpenes: A Multi-Tasking Agent

A plant’s aroma is part of the way it communicates with its surroundings. Just like humans or other animals, a smell is here to tell us something. Perfumes evolved exactly for this reason. Today perfume developers must understand various characteristics when designing an aroma that will send other people specific information. Aroma helps us to interpret who […]

The Terpenes and The Pitbull

β-caryophyllene and Petty’s pain Petty was a very vigorous pit bull. She would jump and run wild most of the day. She’d often stuff things in her mouth and give them special treatment. One-day Patty jumped from behind the neighbor’s fence, in a rather typical exercise. But this time a cactus was waiting for her in […]

Decades of Terpene Research Demystified

5 decades of terpenes research in the service of cannabis In our research station at Israeli Agricultural Research Organization we made extensive work on plants aromatic compounds for the last 50 years. Our station delivers multidisciplinary approach, doing research in agricultural, biochemical, ecological, analytical and genetical subjects. This great experience enables us during these years […]

Cannabis Genomics

Development, marketing and research sectors in the medical cannabis industry are extremely focused on THC and CBD. Despite this other cannabinoids and terpenes are beginning to arouse great interest. When someone is searching in enormous cannabis-related product ranges he may find just THC and CBD entities. They may even find terpene related products that are flourishing […]