The menstrual is the worst week of the month for women.

About 80% of women report some symptoms during the period prior to menstruation that include bloating, feeling tired, acne, irritability and mood changes. The cause for these issues is a lack of hormonal balance.

The Angelica sinensis is a plant that is associated with nature’s periodicity. It is also known as “Female Ginseng” for it contributions to women’s health, cardiovascular conditions, inflammations, headaches, fatigue and high blood pressure.

By combining Angelica with Lotus and other extracts in our unique methods, we developed B-FEMME, a unique product that can help women achieve hormonal balance in a natural and chemical free manner.

Herbal extracts:

Vitex agnus, Angelica sinesis, Berberis, Juniperus communis, Piper cubeba, Lotus, Clematis, Raphanus sativus